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Kaiser Permanente

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What is Kaiser Permanente?

Kaiser Permanente has been providing high-quality health care and coverage for more than 75 years. By connecting care with coverage, we pioneered a new model for health care, where things are designed to work together — and help our members thrive. Our care model enables our teams to think and work as one, coordinating your care seamlessly, so you don’t have to — and delivering better care when it matters most.

Better care from a connected team

When you’re a Kaiser Permanente member, your whole care team is connected — to you, and to each other — through your electronic health record. Every visit is captured, so your doctor can use your health history to inform your care. If you need to see a specialist, they’ll have important information about your health before they even meet you in person.2 And when you fill a new prescription, your pharmacist can make sure it’s safe to take with your other medications. This enables us to deliver the right care faster — and help members avoid unnecessary visits, serious health conditions, and sleepless nights. 

Connected care makes your life easier

Our doctors, hospitals, and health plans are all part of one team. That means your eye doctor can remind you if you’re overdue for a cancer screening. And the app you use to view your lab results is the same one you use to pay your bills. It takes the hassle out of health care — so you can focus on living your life. 

A partner in health

When everything about your health care, including your health plan, is connected, everyone is equally invested in your total health. We take an active role in helping to keep you healthy from the minute you become a member — not just when you get sick or injured. Because of our care model, it’s in everyone’s best interest to provide the right care, not more care — and when our members thrive, everyone wins. 
Member Since: 2021